‘Pick, Mix & Match’ Pastel Dishes

Sophie Cobb


The concept behind ‘Pick, Mix & Match’ is to create a simple but integral set of dishes. The shape of the dish goes hand in hand with the surface quality, allowing the simplicity of the form to enhance the tactility of the surface. The assemblage and layout is then created by the consumer, through grouping, stacking and nesting. A grey line decal is added to entice the user to interact with the dishes, ultimately giving them the opportunity to pick, mix and match.

The colour pallet is significant and an equal part of the design. By staining the liquid earthenware slip with different quantities of pale pink and blue body stain, a subtle muted gentle pallet is achieved.

The ‘Pick, Mix & Match’ collection has been designed and hand crafted by Sophie. Each piece may vary slightly in colour and size, giving each of the dishes a unique aesthetic. Each dish is back stamped with Sophie's signature 'S'.

Hand-made in the U.K. & sold as a set of 4

Large Dish (Pastel Green): 24cm diameter
Medium Dish (Pastel Pink): 19.5cm diameter
Small Dish (Off-White): 14.5cm diameter
Mini Dish (Pastel Pink): 10.5cm diameter

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  • Designer Profile
    Designer Profile

Sophie Cobb

Sophie graduated from Central St Martins 2013 in BA Ceramic Design.

Her designs have a significant sense of sentimentality that enrich and enhance everyday living, and are designed first and foremost with function in mind.

Sophie creates handmade and unique ceramics. Mass production is not used. Bearing the marks of production, they do not strive for perfection; their beauty is in their individuality.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Sir William Morris.

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