Oak & Pewter Boxes

Michael Carroll


Each box has been made by hand using oak sourced in Cheshire, with the detailing created from recycled pewter tankards. Each piece is a one-off and finished with Danish oil*

Small: 60(h) x 75(w) x 105mm(l)
Medium: 60(h) x 75(w) x 188mm(l)
Large: 70(h) x 115(w) x 188mm(l)

*As the boxes are a made from a natural product, please allow for movement in the oak over time.

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  • Designer Profile
    Designer Profile

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll creates hand made objects that are inventive and unique. He likes to challenge and explore the properties of materials, alongside the methods he uses while working with them. The task of creating something new, unexpected or surprising from these explorations is the motivation behind his work.

The aesthetics are derived from a lifelong interest in inventing, engineering and making. The impact these have taken is visible throughout his work, which tends to speak very strongly of the way it was put together. This interest has always been encouraged by the industrial landscapes of Northern England near to where he grew up.

Michael tries to reduce waste and energy consumption where possible, and takes a special interest in jointing techniques that tackle and explore these ideas. Although driven by creating new and exciting things, he always aims to make durable, long lasting objects that are built using responsible and well considered methods.

Local timber is the primary material of choice, coming from the same area Michael has lived and grown up. Michael studied on the 3D Design: Designer Maker course at Plymouth University, graduating in 2011. He currently lives and works in his home town of Knutsford, Cheshire, UK.

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