Rowenna Mason

An alumni of Chelsea College of Art where she graduated with an MA in Textile Design last year, having been selected for the Laura Ashley Family Foundation Scholarship, Rowenna has been busy collecting awards for her beautiful wares over the last 12 months, including a commendation in the British Wool category at Bradford Textiles Society Competition, the Textile Environmental Design Award for Sustainable Design and Craftsmanship and a Clothworkers’ Foundation Award from Cockpit Arts.

By receiving the award, Cockpit Arts has provided a light, airy studio space with looms available, allowing Rowenna the opportunity to expand her design portfolio further. It has also given her the confidence to set up a business based on her passion for weaving. Gaining full creative control was important for her so she has been able to push the boundaries of innovation when it comes to weaving, and experimenting with the variety of elements at her disposal from inspiration to sustainability.

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