It’s a Wrap

The festive season seems to come round quicker every year, and in an attempt to get a little more organised, we've put together a few pieces perfect for that special someone...

Whether it's the whole family under one roof creating havoc or a quiet and cozy cottage in the country, everyone's hungry, and a constant supply of nibbles and naughty stuff is essential. Sophie Cobb's Pick, Mix & Match ceramics and Tom Hutchinson's Obtineo range keep things simple.


Christmas is as much about the big gestures as the stocking fillers, and this festive season we are loving these oversized screen-printed cotton tees by illustrator CM Carter.


There's always room for a bit of sparkle so we suggest these one-off elegant and simple silver earrings by Nicola Reed.


There's always the inevitable washing up regardless how big the dishwasher is, make the task a little less painful with these bright, hand-made tea-towels from Rose Honick.


It may be chilly out there, but there's always room for a silk scarf to add to the collection. We suggest one of these unique pieces by Holly Eden.


With so many to choose from, our top pick this Christmas is this hand-drawn limited edition illustration by Kayleigh Hadley, because wherever you are and whoever you're with, there's something magical about Christmas!

A Stitch in Time…

After graduating, there's always time for reflection, contemplation about where to go, what to do. Some have a clear idea that entering the design world in their chosen specialism is the most sensible way to go, others want to break-out and go it alone.

A daunting prospect for most, but with bundles of enthusiasm and talent, Emily Carter, one of our spots from this Summer's New Designers, has done just that. I caught up with her to find out what a typical day for her looks like...


So I guess you would like to know a bit about me and what I do before I say anymore…

I am a (nearing 23) year old Fashion Textiles graduate who fell in love and obsesses over print since my second year at university. I graduated with a First Class degree and three internships under my belt, but working for a fashion giant (everyone always assumes that’s the dream) didn’t fill me with excitement. What really made me ecstatically happy was developing and printing my own work into homeware products. 'Rose Honick' is the label I work under, taken from my two middle names, and has been growing since it started in my second year of university.

I now operate from my studio in Kent, where I am determined to pursue my dream! My studio is my colourful escape from dreary England, and I love to cover it with prints, drawings, photos and my mother’s artwork (she is also a creative in the family). While I work, I normally have the radio on to pretend I am working with other people! I have my cat Indi for company which has her own chair in the studio; but most of the time she sleeps.

On a normal day I wake up and start work on emails or computer work that needs doing, which leaves the fun stuff for the afternoon! I can be doing anything for the rest of the day from drawing to printing to sewing, as everything I sell is made, sewn and printed by hand. All original! All a labour of love! At the moment, I am putting together a range of storage and lavender bags, which is brilliant as my studio always smells great!

On Wednesday’s I run a club called 'Stitchaholics' where local people can come and use the equipment and work on their own projects, which is great fun. It’s so nice to surround yourself with like-minded people, (as my cat is a bit useless on that front.)

Occasionally, I also teach workshops in Print which is very rewarding to watch people’s faces light up when they see their print for the first time. I also work with local secondary school children to inspire and teach them what I know. Wednesday’s are always busy!

Right now I am working on my Business Plan. I have a brilliant and amazing advisor in Kent who is helping me grow my dream from studio to world-wide domination, or somewhere in between.

I think we all have a dream career or lifestyle and I honestly think anything is possible when you set your mind to it, after all, everyone has to start somewhere…

Find pieces from Emily's latest collection in our shop now!

From Manchester to Masters

Fresh from being featured in our Hand-Picked Exhibition back in September, Lisa McConniffe, a recent Womenswear and Accessory graduate from Manchester School of Art has just started her MA at the Royal College of Art.

I wanted to catch up with her to find out how the first few weeks has been at one of the most prestigious art colleges in the world.

When did you first become aware of the courses at the RCA?
I came across The Royal college of Art when I was doing my A Levels and looking at universities, however I always thought that I would study postgraduate fine art there. When on my BA course at Manchester we would often have RCA students past/present do discussions on their experiences.

How was the process in applying to the RCA? Easy, daunting, any surprises?
I wasn’t daunted by the prospect of applying last year because I felt that I knew who I was as a designer, and I knew that I had a lot to offer the RCA and vise versa. I also felt that I had nothing to lose by applying!

What made you choose the course you're now studying?
I chose Womenswear Accessories because during the past year through placements and collaborations I discovered that I was much more interested in working with accessories, more so than fashion, and the RCA offers a really specialised course for that sector.

How have the first few weeks been? Has the experience been what you'd expected so far?
The first few weeks have been a clash between exciting and daunting. I went to the RCA with an open mind, and in a way it has surpassed my expectations with the amount of knowledge the tutors and technical staff have, and the opportunities that are available to students including visiting designers/artists.

The accessories studio also has a great atmosphere, and I’m already collaborating with other specialisms including a Textiles Mixed Media student on an eyewear project, and also a 2nd year Womenswear Knitwear student on accessories for her pre-collection.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to apply to the RCA?
The advice I’d give is make sure you feel 100 percent sure about doing an MA, know who you are as a designer (what you like and dislike) and what you want to achieve at the RCA because it's a very self driven course.

If you could sum it up in one word, what would it be?